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Is space a problem for you in your Factory, Shed or Warehouse?

Not anymore with a Kit Mezzanines Australia solution.


The cost of our Mezzanine Floor solutions is far less long term than the cost of moving premises with the added bonus that your investment remains yours. 


If you do end up moving down the track, we can relocate your Mezzanine Floor, change the dimensions as required and get it all back up and running before you know it.

Designed to your requirements

Whether you need extra storage space, new offices or somewhere to put new machinery, our team will design a solution that fits not only your space, but also your budget.


Kit Mezzanines Australia have partnered with Stratco for our main steel componentry. On-Site Fastening Solutions are our Hardware Partner. Using these reputable companies not only ensures you are receiving quality products but also means lead times are good.

Hervey Bay Mezzanine Install from below
Finished Floor joists from below Portrait.jpeg

Engineering simplicity

Our Kit Mezzanine Floor Systems are pre-engineered which saves time at the quote stage. We have worked with our Engineer to create proprietary load tables that allow us to work inside set spans - this ensures there is no waiting around for Engineering approval just to quote a Mezzanine. 


We design our Mezzanines to the relevant NCC Codes.

Each Council or Local Government area has different requirements for certification so we recommend engaging in a private certifier for this aspect of the work if required.

If you are considering moving, consider a Kit Mezzanine Australia first.

1. Compliant with local and national building codes

2. Cheaper than moving

3. Can install offices, shelving, machinery, the options are endless

4. Easy to relocate or add to 

5. Customized to your exact space and requirement

Finished Floor from Front - Select Audio Landscape.jpeg
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