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Mezzanine Price Guide - Kits Only

Price and Basic Designs for Kit Mezzanine Floors supplied ex. Brisbane Warehouse.

Scroll down for Mezzanine Kit pricing & designs.

Let's talk Mezzanine Pricing

We often get enquiries about pricing for Supply only Mezzanine Floor Kits. Despite our name, it isn't that easy to supply a one size fits all solution! 


Each Mezzanine Kit is unique just like it's price and we like to design them specifically around our customers requirements. However we have put together some basic designs to give you some idea on the costs of a Mezzanine Kit.


Our Design team can provide 100% accurate pricing for your Mezzanine often in the same day, so feel free to get in touch and talk to one of our team today.

How much does a Mezzanine Cost?

Each Mezzanine will have a unique price depending on the many variables in the project - some of which are below:

  • Load Capacity - Is your Mezzanine 1.5kPa, 3kPa or 5kPa?

  • How high is your Mezzanine Floor?

  • What type of Flooring do you require? Ply costs more than particleboard!

  • Do you require a Staircase?

  • Is there Handrail around the perimeter?

  • Is there a requirement for a Forklift Access Gate?

They are just a few of the questions we will ask when gathering the information to give you a detailed proposal for your project!

In saying that, we have built a lot of Mezzanine Floors and the following pricing is an indicator only and not set in stone!

Mezzanine Kit - Supply Only ex. Brisbane without Flooring, Handrail & Staircase: $250-350 per square metre


Mezzanine Kit - Fully Installed Solution $350-600 per square metre

Kit Mezzanine Floor Design
Steel Mezzanine Floor for Factory

Mezzanine Floor Kit Pricing as per drawings

Mezzanine Floor Kit pricing includes the Posts, Joists, Bearers & Hardware only - We have not allowed for Flooring. Joists are spaced at 600mm centres and load capacity is 3kPa. This pricing does not include freight.

Please note any Mezzanine Design is subject to final design approval and these prices are for indication purposes only.

3600 x 3600 x 2500H
$2807+ GST (12.96m2 @ $236 per m2)

5400 x 3600 x 2500H
$4157+ GST (19.44m2 @ $233 per m2)

7200 x 3600 x 2500H
$4788+ GST (25.92m2 @ $204 per m2)

3600 x 4500 x 2500H
$2949+ GST (16.20m2 @ $202 per m2)

5400 x 4500 x 2500H
$4359+ GST (24.30m2 @ $199 per m2)

7200 x 4500 x 2500H
$5070+ GST (32.40m2 @ $186 per m2)

Custom Mezzanine Floor Brisbane
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