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Stair Kits - Supply & Installation throughout Australia.

Do you require a staircase to an existing structure? Or maybe you are building offices or a Mezzanine? Let us know your floor height and what width you would like and our team will take care of the rest. We ensure each staircase is compliant and designed right!


The cost of each staircase varies depending on the handrail required, how many risers and how it is going to be fixed to the floor but as a ball park you are looking at roughly $200 per tread if you require handrail both sides.


If you decide to move down the track, our whole Staircase system pulls apart and is flat packed which makes transportation easy. Same applies for the delivery!

Designed to your requirements

Whether you need to use your staircase once a month to get to some archive boxes or you use your stairs every day to access an office or public area, we will ensure it is designed to suit AS1657 or AS1428 and the relevant BCA codes. Let us do it once and do it right.


Kit Mezzanines Australia have strategic partners for each component of our Staircase which ensures compliance, availability and a guarantee that your staircase will stand the test of time.

Custom Mezzanine Staircase
Staircase for Mezzanine Floor


The Kit Mezzanines Australia staircase is pre engineered which saves time and cost. We have worked with our Engineer to create a proprietary system that allows us to work quickly and efficiently - this ensures there is no waiting around for Engineering approval as this is already taken care of.


Building codes, Australian Standards, Engineering forms, council approvals, it's endless - Don't stress though, we take care of these things for you.

Once we assess your requirement we know what we are dealing with and what we need to do. So you sign off on the project and we do the rest.

If you need a need a staircase, talk to the Kit Mezzanine team today.

1. Compliant with local and national building codes

2. Easy to install

3. Can be relocated and transported easily

4. Customized to your exact space and requirement

Custom Mezzanine Systems Australia
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