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Warehouse Office Fitouts - Supply & Installation in QLD

Our Office Fitouts are constructed from pre-fabricated sandwich panels that are fully insulated, compliant and made right here in Brisbane, QLD.

Warehouse Office Design and Install

A typical Warehouse office fitout involves traditional building methods like stud walls and gyprock sheeting. This requires multiple tradesmen and is a costly and slow process.

Our custom Office Fitouts are constructed from Sandwich Panelling which is a pre-fabricated sandwich panel that comes pre-insulated and simply clicks together.

A simple office can be completed in 1-2 days!

This type of Construction is becoming common place in the mining and caravan industries due to its multitude of benefits.

Benefits of pre-fab panel office fitouts

There are many benefits to a pre-fabricated sandwich panel office

  • Easy to install and relocate if required

  • Compliant with relevant standards

  • Fire rated panels

  • Pre-insulated panels

  • Easy to dis-assemble or modify design

  • Cost-effective materials and labour due to speed of installation

Pre-Fab Panel 1.png
Pre-Fab Panel 2.jpg
Custom Mezzanine Floor Brisbane
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